When you purchase a router, it comes with a factory-set username and password. If you go to a technician to do the installation, it is rare that it changes the default password, which leaves the team vulnerable to the possible connection of people outside our circle of acquaintances and relatives, as well as to the subtraction of data; on the other hand it is highly recommended to adjust the router to get the most out of speed.

However, to access the control panel and change the configuration of our router with the intention of adjusting it to the needs we have in terms of security, parental control, opening or closing of specific ports that allow or reject access to applications and of invited or unwanted users, it is essential to know the router’s username and password. If the case is that you customized the default password but forgot it completely, the resource to enter the panel is to reset the device to factory settings and therefore you will need to use the pre-configured password.


If you do not know the default password of your device, do not despair as there is a group of passwords that are used very often by Router manufacturers. The most common passwords are:

Source List: Admin Login – 19216811.is

Cisco or Linksys192.168.1.1adminadmin
Belkin192.168.2.1Click on Login in Home(Blank)
i-Ball Baton192.168.1.1adminadmin
Digisol192.168.2.1admin or 1234admin
US Roboticshttp://

User: 1234 – Password: 1234

User: admin – Password: admin

User: admin – Password: 1234

User: 1234admin – Password: 1234admin

It is also possible that the user is admin or administrator and in the password, space must remain blank.

Below we show you the most frequent passwords of the companies with the greatest presence in the market.

Movistar Router

This company with its presence in several countries through Telefonica is the most important connectivity services company in all of Spain, with coverage in a large percentage of the nation’s territory.

Among the variety of models, the HGU SMART WIFI router offers; If this is your device, you should know that the password is found on the label attached to the back of the device since this default password is unique for each router.

For less current models, use combinations of the words ” administrator ” and ” 1234 “.

Jazztel Routers

The operator with its offer of 300 symmetric Mbps is an excellent option in the market. The routers with which it provides the service are mostly from the manufacturer ZTE. If your device is one of these, try entering with any of these passwords: User: Jazztel – Password: Jazztel

User: Jazztel – Password: 1234

User: admin – Password: admin 

User admin – Password: 1234

Vodafone routers

This subsidiary of the British Vodafone is the second operator with the largest presence in the market and offers an easy way to access the control panel of the routers that it markets because the username is “Vodafone” and the Router Default passwords you get when you enter to your website and go to the corresponding section.